Handicap is a site dedicated to bringing the visitor information and resources regarding the problems faced by people with disabilities. It includes mobility, accessibility and equipment that assists where possible the simplification of life in general for those who need it.
For people with disabilities, getting around the place as easily as possible is a basic need. There are many situations where this is not always possible using conventional means, although society in general is gradually altering its viewpoint for the better. In this instance, public buildings and spaces are now more accessible than ever before and those places that are still difficult to navigate through or around are gradually being changed to improve the situation enormously.

What we're here to do is to highlight some of those situations that still need changing or updating while suggesting possibilities that can work. We'll also be talking about the various handicap aids that already exist and explore some of the currently available alternatives to traditional accessibility and mobility aids and equipment.

Handicap Ramps

Handicap ramps are usually seen at the entrances of public buildings and places where people gather such as transportation depots ie bus stations, train stations etc, parks and plazas, concert and sports stadiums etc. They are designed so that wheelchair users can access areas that regular steps would prevent them from doing so. This is of great importance as it enables those wheelchair users to enjoy all of the benefits of such places the same as everyone else.

Of course, gaining access to public building such as libraries, town halls, police stations and government buildings is essential as forms have to be filled in and handed in by wheelchair users too! The same goes for hospitals, doctor's surgeries and clinics for health care and check ups. Handicap ramps allow wheel chairs and mobility scooters to easily gain entry to these places for their users without the aid of extra people to lift them up steps as used to happen in the past before this necessary improvement to public places was introduced.
Being able to access parts of buildings, whether they be public or private, is not always as easy for people with disabilities, the old or infirm, those with debilitating illnesses or those that have recently suffered accidents that have either temporarily or permanently left then unable to get around as easily as healthy, able bodied people can do.

For this reason, there needs to be devices, equipment or ramps to facilitate easy access for those who need it. Now, that's not always possible or feasible in private houses and we understand that. But certainly in public buildings there should always be the facilities for accessing the parts of those building that are open to the general public or to employees working in the building who have these certain disabilities which may otherwise preclude them from access.

The vast majority of public building have upgraded their access points to include elevators, stair lifts, handicap ramps and other similar means of access to upper floors or raised areas. These buildings also provide handicap bathroom facilities which of course are generally standard in all public buildings. Things have certainly improved from the way they were thirty years ago and they continue to improve as better, easier to use and more reliable accessibility equipment is developed.
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